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Sage Family

Jul 31, 2018

Today I’m here with my friend Leah McDermott talking about screens. Leah is a former Master Educator and now unschooling mama of two who brings more natural elements to children’s everyday learning experiences through Your Natural Learner. We go over misconceptions, utilizing technology as a tool, finding...

Jul 17, 2018

Today I’m here with Denaye Barahona Ph.D. talking about minimalism. Denaye is the voice behind Simple Families--a blog, podcast, and community that helps mothers thrive through simple living. We go over minimalism, parenting, time, playscape, ownership, role modeling, boundaries, and extended family.


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Jul 3, 2018

Today I’m here with my friend Becca Shern talking about values. Bex is a mom, partner, Registered Dietitian, and creator of Minimal Wellness. We go over inherited values, defining your values, collaboration with your partner and children, setting priorities, and laying out intentions.


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