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Sage Family

Sep 19, 2023

“The thing that we most see is the increase in intrinsic motivation just all over the place.”

Gina Riley joins me in today’s episode about Unschooling Outcomes.

Gina is an educational psychologist, Clinical Professor, and Program Leader of Adolescent Special Education Programs at CUNY-Hunter College.

We discuss...

Sep 5, 2023

“A demand is anything that is too hard in the present moment. And that can be for you or them. As a family, we have found the language of ‘too hard’ to be incredibly freeing. When things are hard, we show up, we do our best, we’re brave, we ask for help. And when things are too hard, we find a way to let...

Aug 22, 2023

“We get to upgrade the mother within us. We get to move toward a sense of our mother’s essential self as the part that gets to mother us. If our mother were completely supported, if she had gotten to receive her re-mothering, if she had gotten to heal her emotional trauma, if she had gotten to live with resonance...

Aug 8, 2023

“Connection is the substrate of parenting and that rests on my connection to myself. When I have connection, the creative possibilities are endless just as they are when I have connection with my children. We come out of a stuck place and the space between us opens up and there is so much more room for everyone’s...

Jul 25, 2023

“Children behave their way to safety.”

Claire Wilson joins me in today’s episode about Polyvagal Theory.

Claire is an author, speaker, trainer, and therapist with her book Grounded and her program Grounded Grown Ups, who uses Polyvagal Theory to help children and their grown ups.

We discuss the autonomic nervous...