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Sage Family

Oct 31, 2023

“We have to give them the neuroscience. This is going to strip any shame. It’s going to make it easier for them to turn and face and own their behavior. We really have to turn these feelings into allies and friends.”

Karen Young joins me in today’s episode about inner warriors (anxiety).

Karen is a psychologist,...

Oct 17, 2023

“It shifts your communication dynamic from one that might be negative to one that’s positive. It moves it from demand based or power struggles to connection and partnership.”

Linda Murphy joins me in today’s episode about Declarative Language.

Linda is a speech language pathologist and RDI® Constultant.


Oct 3, 2023

“Limits are the thing parents struggle with the most and it’s one of the most important pieces of the puzzle. Until you feel confident and competent in your limit setting skills, it’s going to be really hard to help your child through aggressive behaviors.”

Tosha Schore joins me in today’s episode...